What’s in Store for Ecommerce in 2016

We’re already 4 months into 2016 and what trends are showing up in ecommerce sites?  Ecommerce continue to be innovative and if you’re not keeping up your business will be left behind.  Not only are you competing with other small business owners like yourself you’re going up against the big online powerhouses like Amazon.  So what are online retailers focusing on in 2016?  Here are five trends to be aware of when setting up your online stores.

Flash Sales:  The internet is an ideal medium for impulse buyers, and people love buying when they think they are getting a great deal.  Getting bargains are what drive high traffic days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Flash sales with crazy low prices is one way to lure in new customers, Facebook ads are a great way to drive customers for your flash sale.

Fast Shipping:  The biggest drawback to online shopping is waiting for delivery, 5-7 days can seem an eternity to wait for something you want.  Getting reliable shipping that can get your product into your customer’s hands the within 1-2 days will be key to keeping customers happy in the future.

Flexible Payments:  While credit and debit cards will still be relevant in the ecommerce market, it’s now also important to have alternative payment methods.  Paypal payments along with Bitcoin options are also in demand by customers.  Having a payment processor that can tie into inventory systems saves you time and money.  Square can integrate with Ecwid can work with inventory across multiple outlets.

Better Shopping Carts:  Simple one dimensional shopping carts are no longer enough business owners want platforms that they can work with.  Upsells, cross-sells along with live chat features are now to be expected in an ecommerce site.  Shopify and other platforms allow you to customize your store however you like it and give your customers a good experience.

Like anything on the internet ecommerce is constantly changing and a good product is only one part of the equation.  You need to focus on other aspect as well, quick shipping and a personal experience.  Showing your customers new items based on past searches as well as having a beautiful mobile site will drive customers to your site and through the whole purchasing process.  Building an email list along with a big social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and newer sites such as Instagram and Pinterest can keep your site in front of your customers.