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Brands of Pool Sticks



Choosing the right brand of pool cues make a significant contribution to the ease of grip, accuracy of the bridge, optimized speed, and the level of control on the cue-ball. Professionals often opt for the pool cue set with variable sizes and properties for their gaming. The set helps in customizing the shot selection based on the cue-ball position, distance and angle from the object balls, required force and angular momentum, and the other dependent parameters. This article lists out a few of the established brands which you can consider for your gaming.

Lucasi Hybrid Cue – L-H10

According to the manufacturers, the brand has high accuracy with reduced deflection rate. At the same time it has a reasonable level of forgiveness (tolerance for mishandling), which is required for the beginners.

Pivot Point

The designers of the Lucasi-L-H-10 have placed the pivotal point at half –ball position of the shaft which is easy for you to bridge. With this kind of design it is possible to dead center even when your stroke goes off the center on the cue-ball. All you need to do is to calculate the bridge length for the maximum speed and acceleration.

Radial Construction

According to the manufacturers, the maximum transfer of energy happens from the grip onto the shaft and the ferrule to reach the tip in the most efficient way. The extension of the sweet spot throughout the shaft will make it possible to strike the cue-ball with zero friction with the table. At this position, the ball can attain maximum acceleration and move in the intended direction without any deflection.

Reduced Vibration

According to the manufacturers, the Lucasi-L-H-10 has the inbuilt memory foam on the wrap section of the cue. It can reduce the vibration considerably. Since the vibration travels in the opposite direction to the application of stroke, the net result will be reduction in the net force in the forward direction. With the reduced vibration, it is equivalent to increase the stroke force without any additional effort on part of the player.

Cue-ball Control

The Lucasi-L-H-10 has a soft tip that creates the best possible cue-ball control while striking. The net impact on the grip hand is stated to be relatively low compared to the hard tip. In fact you can experience a totally different “feel” of the shot o the grip hand. Moreover, the sound you hear after the strike is also entirely different. The probability of miscue is supposed to be reduced significantly with the soft tip design of the Lucasi-L-H-10.

Precession Alignment

The precision alignment between the various pieces of the Lucasi-L-H-10 is made possible with the help of the UNI-LOC joint system. The distribution of the force onto the center from the 360-degree structure gives the best possible coordination between the pieces. There is no loss of energy as it gets transferred from the gripping hand to the tip and onto the cue-ball.


The Lucasi-L-H-10 is highly adaptable for the beginners, intermediate and the advanced levels of trainees. With the free flowing design and accurate construction, it is stated to make your playing experience better in each session. The enhanced traction is stated to be one of the reasons for the stability of the Lucasi-L-H-10.


The 2018 Cue of the Year is made from the combination of the bird’s eye maple, urethane, the abalone shell, the turquoise stone, and the finest of silver.

Consistent Design

The core of the McDermott-G1911 is made of three distinct layers of the carbon fiber. The extension of the core from the ferrule spot to the top of the but-sleeve makes it highly resistant to all the types of vibrations.

The shaft of the McDermott-G1911 is made from the lamination of 8 distinct pieces of maple that are forged together. The interior carbon fiber core in combination with the shaft upper layer generates the most consistent performance. It also reduces the energy loss during the stroke-play to the near-zero-levels.  Hence, the output generated by the construction for a given volume of input will always remain the same, regardless of the orientation of application and the slight variation in the gripping hand position during the strike.

Precision Alignment

The McDermott-G1911 Quick-Release joints which connect the pieces by using the combination of threads, radial pin, and the QR-Pin. The technology used in the cue makes it work as a single piece of cue without any loss of performance parameters. According to the manufactures, it is made possible due to the interlocking mechanism that leaves absolutely no gaps between the joints.

Flawless Grip

The flawless hand grip you get at the top is due to the urethane rings designed to act as the slip-free zone. The key benefit of the McDermott-G1911 is stated to be the elimination of separate wrap layer which might slow down the strike speed due to its sticky layer. Moreover, the smooth flow of the haft through the bridge makes it possible to experience the maximum speed and acceleration.

Weight Distribution

Evenness of the weight distribution at the butt sleeve is made possible due to the urethane material and the pewter type of inlays. They can balance the rear weight distribution along the shaft, forearm, and the ferrule of the McDermott-G1911.

Cue Control

The pro type of tapering from the top of the cue to the bottom ensures even reduction in the distribution of the mass and density along the path. Hence, you won’t feel any abrupt variation of the parameters which can bring inconsistency to the pool cue performance.

Precision Hits

The McDermott-G1911 has the Japanese pig-skin leather tip with moderate hardness factor. It is supposed to be efficient and induce the top speed required for the professional level games. It is also safe from excess hardness which prevents the miscues and mishit probability. The transfer of energy from the tip onto the cue-ball could happen consistently to generate the best torque.  The straight line motion of the cue-ball can result in accurate strikes from any kind of bridge and grip with zero energy loss.