people-woman-coffee-meeting-largeAbout US

We are a group of three designers and developers that started out almost a decade ago, that seems like forever in internet terms.  All of us were straight out of college and wanting to make out mark on the world.  After hustling for a few years trying to find clients and compete with established agencies, we noticed a few things.  Most web sites that were built were either driven by creativity or driven by marketing.  That meant a business went to one agency for good design and sought another to drive customers.

What a headache!

We sought to build something different, that combined both creative, good design with all the things you needed for conversion and customer acquisition.  Did we reinvent the wheel?  Not really, but we did try and unify two very different disciplines.  We wanted to create a better experience so we built our business around collaboration, and a commitment to understanding our clients and their aspirations.  We invested in their success, not just providing a service.

Where are we now?

Now we have shifted away from client based services, although we still do some consulting, into the blogging platform.  We still have our passion for technology and good design, but now we can reach a bigger audience.  Blogging allows us help many struggling businesses and designers and not just our client base.  We have years of experience and we learned a thing or two along the way that might be able to help others.

Welcome and enjoy!

I hope you have the time to read through our posts and we can help in some way with web design tips.